Our Services

Matrix always strives to serve you the ultimate mix of innovative thoughts and serious planning,
which yields responsive results for your building designs.

We have designed our Services in such a way that the appropriate mix of disciplines can respond
to your needs. Matrix offers Elevator & Escalator consulting services during following stages of the building's life cycle:

Standard Services

These services are most Frequently used by the end clients

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Design Support

Help users in working out the best VT strategy by restricting non-standard design and incorporating universal design ensuring competitive bidding at later stage and possible huge savings by eliminating waste and working out the optimum design using latest Traffic Analysis methodology.


  • Establish design criterion
  • First cut design solution using advanced traffic analysis software
  • Preparation of preliminary report of the project.


  • Establish limitations & constraints with respect to preliminary design solution
  • Provide final schematic design, simulation-based traffic analysis
  • Establish alternatives
  • Freeze schematic design configuration & validate
  • Interface with architect / projects to incorporate solution in civil drawings
  • Project Cost Estimation

Tender Support

  • Build up on the approved schematic design
  • Finalize the elevator door type & sizes
  • Interface with other consultants on code compliance provisions with elevators
  • Support architect on machine room design & locations
  • Support structural team on structural load related to elevators and escalators
  • Support MEP on electrical loads requirement
  • Finalize the aesthetic experience of elevator cab & doors
  • Build up the technical tender document based on final approved design
  • Develop detailed tender technical specifications
  • Set performance parameters
  • Develop technical terms for compliance and bill of quantities
  • Set performance parameters
  • Supplier pre-qualification if required

Negotiation Support

  • Unbiased opinions on quality and budgets with scientifically designed comparisons
  • Source pre-qualification
  • Release tender to pre-qualified companies, if required
  • Responding on Pre-Bid queries
  • Technical comparative study and deviation analysis
  • Post bid meetings with vendors
  • Assist client and work with bidders to maximize the technical compliances
  • Recommend best options and source qualification if required

Execution Support

  • Perform the first approval stage of all elevator general arrangement drawings on your behalf.
  • Ask for & approve the detailed milestone / bar charts submitted by the lift contractor. The milestone charts will be approved by us based on your needs duly communicated to us.
  • The supply of materials will need to be programmed keeping in mind the site readiness & delivery time of lift contractor. We will make suggestions accordingly.
  • Validate any change orders if required at this stage.
  • Conduct monthly progress review meetings with assigned project manager of lift contractor.
  • Conduct random checks on the installation process & it’s quality. Report issue for due corrections. These checks and all the other activities will be conducted during the monthly visits of our Project Manager.
  • To coordinate and support in case any dispute arises.
  • Validate any need & feasibility of technical change orders.


  • Safety compliance checks
  • Code compliance checks
  • Technical terms compliance checks
  • Performance parameters compliance checks


  • Assessment checks to ascertain the health of the existing units
  • Ensuring corrective actions

Other Services

These are specific need services being used by the end clients.

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  • To modernize your existing Lifts to achieve latest safety, code & features
  • Feasibility study of existing lifts along with detailed report
  • Traffic flow analysis


  • Equipment condition surveys
  • Tracking of maintenance records
  • Tracking of challenges faced by the clients
  • Monthly call backs review

Incident Reporting

  • Investigate the incident
  • Detailed report with problem statement
  • Support on corrective actions


  • Asset Review
  • Code compliance checks
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Acquisition Report
  • Recommended Schedule for Replacement / Upgrades
  • Budget Estimates


  • Lift awareness training for persons responsible for lift management.
  • Rescue of casualties from lift incidents training.
  • Fire/emergency evacuation training using designated lifts
  • Safe release of trapped lift passengers training